Shaping & shipping
beautiful digital experiences Hi, I am yichi, a multi-disciplinary User Interface designer with a meticulous eye for details.
I have been crafting pixels for years, shipping minimalist & meaningful designs.
And yes, sometimes I work with assholes.



I focus on crafting wow experiences and interfaces that just works.

It's that simple.

I don't do bullshit design thinking and product measures,
those are made for people who can barely use Powerpoint.

here is a trick to design thinkers: using this key combination
below to saving everyone from your shit once for all.


I deliver nice & simple
designs that makes you
f*king laugh.

with no extra effort. No Core experience.

  • Find out wtf is core experience coming soon


A hand-picked selection of WIP I have working on.

I had the privilege of collaborating with nice people,
building the skills to deliver high-value solutions.

I'm now struggling 🦜
with TV interactions in
a jungle called mediacorp.

where monkeys are fighting over 🍌